$199 Just the Basics: Includes Fabric swatching to determine what season you are. Get suggestions on what clothing, makeup, hair color, and accessories that will look best on you. Get take home information on what colors to shop for in the future. We will also do before and after photos so you can see the difference. Bring a friend $149/ea.

$299 I’m Beautiful: Includes Just the Basics plus go home with the foundational makeup your face deserves to make you look and feel your best as you start to transition your closet to your season. Take home make up will include foundation, lip color, and cheek color. Bring a friend $ 249/ea.

$499 Total Me Makeover: Includes the I’m Beautiful package along with a color and haircut transformation to suite your season and face shape along with a guided shopping trip to 9 Lila’s ($50 Giftcard included) to transform you to look and feel your best! Bring a friend $349/ea.